How we work

Ezra UKSW  

Ezra UKSW builds and operates Community-based Mental Health Centers in Poland and abroad.

Why community-based

It is very important that the first meeting of a person experiencing a mental crisis, e.g. a teenager in depression, with a child and adolescent psychiatrist is not ultimately carried out in a closed hospital facility. Often, support is provided at an early stage of problems or illness. The solution is environmental care. Thanks to her help and treatment can be obtained closer to home - with the support of relatives and the community - including a psychiatrist, family psychotherapists, psychological and pedagogical staff at school. 

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What introduces the reform

Each Community-based Mental Health Center will have an application and coordination point for the family. This is the most appropriate address for the first contact when help is needed. This is not just a place to get information, but above all - the needed therapeutic help. In a few words: thanks to environmental help, a person in a mental crisis gets the needed medical and therapeutic help without losing the support of close relatives and communication with the environment. If necessary, support may also be provided to the school. In this way, you can coordinate the proceedings and professionally support children and adolescents. Cooperation with educational institutions will avoid the negative impact of the environment on the mental health of children and adolescents. The experience of other countries teaches that the model of coordinated care for families, children and adolescents in a crisis provides faster and better adapted to the needs of patients. This happens at a stage when the crisis is simpler and helps avoid its development until hospitalization becomes the only way to treat it.

This is what we do at EZRA UKSW - we are introducing to psychotherapy and psychiatry of children and young people an important element necessary for its development. We believe that it is a chance for a good change. 

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